Our Story

This whole thing started in a magical place call “Baltimore”; Giovanni Marcantoni started a social bocce league.  The league was all about socializing, bocce, friendship and enjoying a cold beverage.  Katie “Fred” Frederick (aka Queen of Chucktown Bocce) is originally from Baltimore and came to one of the first bocce nights back in the fall of 2009.

Fred decided the people of Charleston needed a bocce league and BOOM… Chucktown Bocce League was created.   With the success of the Bocce league she decided it was time to bring skeeball down south!  The first skeeball league was at The Alley in Downtown Charleston.

The idea was to play a game in which everyone could play no matter their age, gender or athletic ability while meeting a ton of new people. Bocce and skeeball were perfect!  They are both great ways for people to meet others people in a low intensity environment and be yourself and not JUST ABOUT RULES, but about PEOPLE!

We started doing more events and parties and things continued to grow and we deiceded it is our mission to keep the people of Chucktown having fun and meeting new people and Chucktown Social was born.

Core Values

– Treat People the right way (Players, Staff and Partners)

– No Barrier to Entry (Age, Sex or ability)

– Give the Same Effort for a 10 person Event as a 1,000 person Event

– Be Creative and Try New things!

–  Give People an avenue to HAVE FUN, Network and ENJOY LIFE

–  Create an Atmosphere that is Laid Back and Social at the field and the Bar!


The Future

As the Chucktown Social Brand Evolves we will become a one stop shop for Events, Leagues, Fitness Classes, Festivals and a great way to find things to do for people in Charleston, SC.  We are also a great place to plan a corporate or charity event.  Create a buzz for your Company or Event in a unique fun way that really makes it stand out!!  We look forward to being apart of the Lowcountry Community and in Cities acrosse the USA!  We are taking LIFE and Making it FUN AGAIN!


Leadership Team


Chucktown Social ( Charleston, SC)
“Queen of Chucktown Social


Giovanni Marcantoni 
Social Leagues Inc 

Baltimore Social. Play Big Apple . Play Mile High.

Chucktown Social. SF Bocce. Play Emerald City

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