How it Works

We Have Sport Leagues, Events and Promote Fun things in the Charleston Area!

From Bocce Leagues to Glow-In-the-Dark Kickball Leagues to Skeeball Leagues to Themed Boat Trips and Skeeball National Championships in NYC and, of course, our FREE BEER EVENTS!

If you want to get fit, get social or want BOTH!! You have come to the right place!

We Have FOUR Easy Steps for You to Get Involved!

1) Find an Event or League that you want Sign-up for !

  • Notice the registration & Start Date.
  • Find something that fits what you want to do! Social? Athletic? Silly?
  • Leagues are typically 6 to 7 weeks and everyone makes the playoffs!
  • All league and event registration is Online. So just click Register and you’re off!

2) How are you going to register?

  • As a Team (Team sizes vary from league to league)
  • Small Group (Play with your friends, even when you don’t have enough for a full squad)
  • Free-agent (Sign up as and individual and we’ll place you on a team)
  • Event Registration varies on the event!

If you have a question about registration, feel free to send us an email!

3) Time to Sign-up (All Online !)

  • Make sure you double check the location, day  & time fits your schedule!
  • Create your team or group (Team Captain& Small Group Leaders)
  • Join the small group or team your friend created

4) You Signed-Up NOW WHAT?

  • Look out for a league welcome email a week before your league or event.
  • Schedules will be available the day after registration is closed!
  • Shirts will be provided at the event or during Week 2 of your league.
  • Make sure to always check your emails for league preview nights, happy hours and other events!

Who is the typical Charleston Social League Participant?

The typical league demographic is anyone from a young professional in his/her 20s to early 50s. Some of our participants played sports in college while others have no experience, aside from a vague recollection of playing hopscotch in elementary school.

How is Charleston Social different from other city/corporate leagues?

Comparing Charleston Social to the other leagues is like comparing oranges to bowling balls – they both can roll, but one is a whole lot sweeter.

Our staff goes through intensive training to ensure that our games are run with consistent professionalism and fun.

Our staff is receptive to your feedback and comments. The #1 priority of Charleston Social is to bring people together and create community while having fun. Every day, our team is working to achieve that goal.

Play one season with us and we’re confident you’ll be convinced.

Do I have to pay when I register?

Your registration is not complete until we receive payment. We fill our leagues, trips and events on a first-paid basis, so most of our participants pay when they register.

I’ve registered and paid. Now what?

You can expect to receive more information via email 2-3 weeks before your team’s scrimmage or first game.

In the meantime, start stretching and contact the League Manager if you have any questions!

We’re excited to see you out there!